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The Castro family

Like so many families across this country, we have been hit hard by the opioid epidemic.  We lost our beloved son and brother, Jeremy, to a fentanyl overdose on April 26, 2017.  He was 26 years old, and the cost of the fentanyl?  Twenty Dollars.

The days following Jeremy’s passing were a blur.  So many tears, questions, people, decisions.  But the one thing that stood out was the number of people who confided that they too, were dealing with addiction in their family. We felt so helpless against this giant epidemic, but our loss was so profound, that we couldn’t just stand by and keep silent.

We knew then that we had to do something to battle this epidemic. Going through the difficult process of making sense of our loss, we realized that there was a deficit of entities offering support to families coping with substance abuse.

Because drug addiction is considered a taboo, many individuals and families hide their struggles from their communities, carrying the burden by themselves.

Without open and unbiased communication about this subject, our country will not find the strength to deal with the drug overdose epidemic.

Considering the importance of educating our communities about a disease that torments more than 22 million individuals in the US every day, and also the urgency to support families struggling with drug addiction, we decided to start the Jeremy Castro Foundation.