Who We Are

We are the Castro Family.  A close-knit, average, American family living in the quiet suburb of Newbury Park, California. 

On April 26, 2017, we lost our beloved son and brother, Jeremy, to a heroin overdose.  Actually, a Fentanyl overdose, which was spiked in his heroin.  Jeremy was 26, clean for 4 months,  and set to begin his new career as an EMT that morning.  But his addiction had other plans.

Like so many families across the nation, we have been hit hard by this scourge on society, commonly referred to as the “opioid epidemic”.  We have paid the ultimate price. 


Though this loss has been devastating, and through all our tears and questions of how, why and what ifs, we were somehow called to action.  A refusal to let Jeremy’s death be in vain; a refusal to sit idly by while so many others suffer his same fate; a refusal to be consumed by our sorrow.

We don’t know why God chose our family for this plight,  but He did.   He has placed a calling in our hearts, given us the gift of compassion and the strength to move forward.  So we are now putting our grief to work, by helping those who remain in the grips of addiction.  No matter how deep the darkness,  we believe there is always hope, and so we say to the addict, you are

 Never Helpless, Never Hopeless. 

Jeremy would have been 28 years old today, October 18, 2018.  If he were still on Earth with us, we’d be celebrating his birthday with family and friends.  Instead, we are launching the JCF non-profit website with family and friends, in his honor and in his memory.


The alarm on Jeremy’s cell phone reads, “thank you for waking me, now let’s do work”.  And so, that’s what we’re doing.  Will you join us?


Never Helpless, Never Hopeless

Never helpless, never hopeless


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