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In 2017, I woke up to the horrific and devastating news of the passing of a friend, active EMT, brother and son, Jeremy Castro.

I was in honest disbelief and shock. I didn't think there'd be a day where his face just wouldn't be around anymore. A lot of people write off drug users or addicts as people who are useless and have no hope...

I never saw Jeremy as "an addict", I always remember him being so nice when I saw him, fun to be around, and ready to help. He even worked as the trainer at the local YMCA which I eventually began working at too. Everyone there would ask me about hi, and talk about how much they missed him working there, and they really loved him.

I still remember the last time I saw him, it was at another gym and he was still his kind and hard working self. I may not have many memories with him but the ones I do have are all positive.

There's so much you want to say to the family when they are grieving but I know the Castros, and they've always been STRONG PEOPLE. They have now created a foundation in his honor.

They work day in and day out to be the judgement free source for addicts and the education provider for others. Releasing the stigma of the belief that addiction is only present in "bad" neighborhoods with "bad" people.

I am posting this because even if drug abuse doesn't touch you or your family; you can still help.

In 2019 they will be starting up Sober Saturdays to have fun, events, games, or gatherings to support the cause. They just got added into as a charity which can be donated to with every purchase. They have big plans future. I'm even thinking we gotta get a fitness event going in his honor.

Thank you.

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